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Investment in property remains one of the most secure investments you will ever make. We at Channel Asset Managements are experts in the London property market. We know the capital and only invest in deals that deliver excellent return on investments.

Our crowdfunding schemes allow you to directly own a share in an investment, which are typically prime real estate ventures in the London area. We find the properties, manage the estate and execute the deal for you. Investors take a share in the property and receive rental income on their investment. Each share is fully collateralised against the underlying asset making this form of investment secure and attractive.

Once the pre-agreed period of investment is complete, we sell the underlying asset and all investors realise the gain.

Safe Simple Transparent.

Channel Asset Management was founded by Ram Suglani, Bharat Mehta and Stephen Butler who have accumulated nearly 100 years of business experience in investments and advisory services.

We are professionals for professional investors. Please note that all our investments start from a minimum of £50,000 investment, so please, consider your business risk appetite before contacting us.

We specialise in sourcing, executing and monitoring real estate development and investment opportunity both in an advisory and participation capacity across the South East of England. We occasionally invest in real estate opportunities abroad and we are always open to new and innovative ideas.

If you want to know more we find it’s best we talk. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in a friendly, open and no nonsense approach which is our trademark.

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Why Choose Channel Asset Management


We are specialists in joint venture and crowdfunding real estate projects


Specialists in raising capital, mezzanine debt and syndicated structured finance loan agreements


We provide the expertise so that you can gain access to established real estate markets


Communication is a big part of a business relationship. We ensure that all communication is straight forward, clear, concise and regular.


All parts of the transaction and operations will be totally transparent with online access to the latest information.


You will be dealing with one person during the investment. Your account manager will understand your investment and be on hand to answer any questions or concerns that you have.


We manage the whole process. You will be guided through the process from start to finish.

How it Works

If you invest in one of our projects, you are actually investing in units or shares in a new trading entity.

We raise the capital to support the project from a group of professional investors. As one of those investors you will hold ordinary shares in a new UK Ltd Company which we set up for the project. These shares are your security on your investment and you have the same rights as all other investors. These shares in effect buy the property. The property may pay rental income and as a share holder, profit will be paid according to your equity participation. After a pre-agreed set period, the property is sold and the investors realise the gain.


Estimated 40% return over 5 years (inclusive of fees and costs)


All charges are fully disclosed before any investment is made


Your investment is fully secured against the property or asset


If you want to exit… no problem. Fully agreed up front exit route for all investors to liquidate your position.

Fixed Term

Fixed Investment time scale

Overseas Investors

Investing in UK Property Market using a Channel Asset Management vehicle is a strong proposition especially if you are an overseas investor. With UK Sterling £ falling under the pressure from Brexit, today is a great time to invest in the UK.

The low pound makes the purchase of prime UK real estate a very attractive investment.

We can help you overcome some of the hurdles associated with foreign direct investment by providing the complete asset management service.

We co-invest with our investment partners , which ensure that your investment is safe. We don’t take risks with our own money. By diversifying the investments we aim to produce a mixed portfolio of investment and capital growth opportunities producing the right blend of income, growth and security.

In short, we manage your portfolio so you don’t have to. Your risk is secure and you have the added confidence that Channel Asset Management will have taken a share in the same portfolio ensuring good governance and decision making.

Channel Asset Management, Growth Management Security

Property markets

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Channel Asset Management team using the form below, or call us on 020 8553 4076.


Residential property in the South East of England is a safe and secure low risk investment option. High demand of houses and apartments creates an upward pressure on house prices producing a steady growth in capital appreciation with an average of 8% annualised growth year on year.

Channel Asset Management
Channel Asset Management


Market forces (supply and demand for houses) mean that rental yields stay above inflation and interest rates, producing a steady and reliable annuity for any investor.


The residential market is very liquid, meaning that any investor can sell their asset and realise the gain in a relatively short space of time.

Channel Asset Management
Channel Asset Management


The UK is a stable home for investors. Whilst the world stock markets go up and down, the London housing market remains stable.


Commercial property covers a wide range of different properties including office buildings, light industrial units, blocks of flats and apartments, high street retail and large industrial complexes. Commercial and residential properties generate income in the form of rent paid by tenants and the appreciation of the property over time.
In the past, a typical investor would have a mixed portfolio of assets. However, commercial property was rarely part of the portfolio mix. The main reason being that the price of ownership for most individual investors was out of reach. Commercials were often only available to a small group of high net worth individuals or owner occupiers.
Today, crowdfunding means that investors are able to gain access to this asset class broadening the investment base for the investor.
We can help you gain access to this lucrative asset class providing solid returns and security at the same time.

Commercial Property is a strong investment on several levels:


The stock market can go up and down and equity yields can be eroded by one bad decision or event. Commercial property is not subject to such extreme changes. Compared to the stock market commercial property has little price movement. Value is derived over time from both rental income and capital appreciation reducing the shocks of market volatility.

Channel Asset Management
Channel Asset Management


On the world stage, the UK property market is seen as a sound investment home for international investors looking to secure their wealth in a safe haven.

Since the crash of 2008, growth has slowed in most developed countries. This has resulted in weaker returns across fixed income and equity investments. Of all the asset classes, Commercial Property has proved the least volatile with strong rental income and high occupancy especially in the South East of England.


The old rules still apply even in today’s interconnected world economy. Risk diversification is as important today as it was 100 years ago. Investing in property is a proven way to reduce your overall risk whilst maintaining your yields .

Channel Asset Management
Channel Asset Management


Depending on each investors circumstances, our structured investments are designed to be tax efficient. This includes the ability to deduct depreciation and loan interest on commercial property to name just one of the ways that we can make your money work harder..


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If you would like more information, please get in touch with Channel Asset Management team using the form below, or call us on 020 8553 4076.


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